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Pollere is a team of world-class consultants available for engagements as individual as well as a team. We have demonstrated capabilities in architectural development, analysis and review, and in risk identification and risk reduction activities.

We are available for data-driven network analysis resulting in confidential reports, whitepapers, publications, or presentations. We can work from your data or use Pollere's proprietary network measurement and data collection approach.

Applied expertise for complex operational network and technology architectures that are efficient, resilient, and functional. Analysis of network performance through modeling and simulation, measurement, and laboratory prototypes.

For a pdf version of Pollere's Capability Statement, please click here.


Pollere CTO Kathleen Nichols received the Best Paper award at the ACM ICN 2019 conference for the paper Lessons Learned Building a Secure Network Measurement Framework using Basic NDN The paper's Distributed Network Monitoring Protocol (DNMP) is available on github.

Pollere has made a reference C++ implementation of its passive ping network monitoring utility available as open source on github.

See Controlled Delay (CoDel) AQM for information on CoDel and links to our CoDel ns-2 code. Follow the Linux implementation and monitor other bufferbloat work at the Bufferbloat Project.

Pollere's recent work on passive network monitoring is described at Network Observers.

Pollere possesses a unique set of capabilities for integrated architecture, design, and analysis. These include world class design talent, deep operational experience, and an inexhaustible work ethic.

—Jim Ivey, Deputy Program Manager, Network Architecture and Design IPT Lead, Lockheed Martin Information Systems and Global Services

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