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  • Listening to Networks: Packet Headers Tell All Presentation at Google, Inc., K.Nichols, Mountain View, CA, April, 2017
  • Listening to Networks Presentation at Stanford Networking Seminar, K.Nichols, Stanford, CA, February, 2017
  • Edge Video Measurements Presentation at Internet Research Task Force (IRTF) Measurement and Analysis for Protocols Research Group (MAPRG) meeting, K.Nichols, November 17, 2016
  • Packet Queue Control Through a Rose-Colored Lens Presentation at 37th Asilomar Microcomputer Workshop, K.Nichols, Pacific Grove, CA, April, 2011
  • Providing Unsignaled Critical Services for a Future Satellite-Based Packet Network Presentation at MILCOM 2007, K.Nichols, Orlando, FL, October, 2007
  • A Rant on Queues Presentation at MIT Lincoln Labs, V.Jacobson, Lexington, MA, July, 2006
  • Evolution of Quality of Service in IP Networks Presentation at CommDesign Conference, K.Nichols, San Francisco, March, 2004
  • We Have Met the Enemy and [S]/He is Us Keynote at BCIT Internet Engineering Lab Opening, K.Nichols, June, 2001
  • IP Quality of Service in the IETF Presentation at ICC 2000, K.Nichols, June, 2000
  • Dumbbells, Dancehalls, and Beyond: Understanding QoS Prior to Deployment Presentation at IBAND3, K.Nichols, October, 1999
  • An Opinionated View of the Current State of IP Differentiated Services Presentation at UC Berkeley MIG Seminar, Berkeley, CA, K.Nichols, September, 1999
  • Differentiated Services: A Framework for Internet-Friendly QoS Tutorial at Hot Interconnects Symposium, Stanford, CA, K.Nichols, August, 1999
  • Network Topologies for Evaluating Diffserv Presentation at DECIDES BOF, K.Nichols, July, 1999
  • Testimony on H.R. 850 Elizabeth Kaufman, July 13, 1999
  • Differentiated Services: A Tutorial Overview with a Voice over IP Slant ETSI Workshop on Voice over IP, K.Nichols, June, 1999

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